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About Us

We are a group of Vermonters who believe the time has come to make the way we pay for our state’s excellent public schools fairer, more transparent, and more predictable. We think eliminating the residential education property tax will ensure an excellent education for Vermont’s children, regardless of their ZIP code or their family’s income.

The 14,000 women and men who teach Vermont’s children have advocated for excellent public schools for more than a century and a half. We firmly believe that all of Vermont’s students deserve schools that prepare them for whatever the future holds.

Public Assets Institute is an independent, nonpartisan nonprofit that analyzes state tax, budget, and economic policy with the average Vermonter in mind. Its mission is to improve Vermonters’ well-being by conducting research and analysis, disseminating information, and advancing policies that state government can enact.

Voices for Vermont’s Children is an independent children’s research and advocacy non-profit. Its areas of focus are economic security, education, family and community, and health. Its mission is to promote public policy that enhances the lives of children and youth in Vermont.
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