Breaking down the solution

Eliminating the education property tax for residential homeowners will make how we pay for schools fairer than it has ever been.

In this chart, we compare where we were before the passage of a statewide property tax (Act 60); where we are now (the combined Acts 60/68); and where we could be if we adopted our fair tax proposals.

 Before Act 60Current system:
Act 60/68
Local school districts set school budgets & make school spending decisions

Weighted pupil count – recognizing the variable costs to educate different kids

Statewide education fund

Non-residential taxes shared statewide

Towns with same per-pupil education spending have same tax rates

All Vermont kids have equal access to education resources

Taxes based on ability to pay

Eliminates homestead property tax for schools entirely

Eliminates the influence of local changes in home values on school tax rates

School tax payments spread out over the year